Ladies Gumboots

Ladies Pukeko
Ladies Ponga Frond
Ladies Native Forest
Ladies Pohutukawa
$70.00 NZD

Garden Tools

Pink Tote Bag
Blue Tote Bag
$29.00 NZD
Blue Apron
Pink Apron
$22.00 NZD
Garden Tools
$29.00 NZD

Gumboots for sale from Gummies

Authentic Kiwi Art on Gumboots!

Gummies have a great range of  gumboots (Wellingtons) for children and women featuring designs by New Zealand artists which celebrate our identity, life and culture.  

We also have some gorgeous kids garden tools that are perfect for your little helpers in the garden.

Check out our Specials page for great online gumboot sales

Ladies Gumboots
Kids Gumboots
Garden Tools

Gumboots for Sale